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Although my first love is Philosophy, I have three degrees in Psychology, from UCBerkeley, CSULong Beach, and finally Pepperdine. Simultaneously, I've taught as University adjunct faculty, owned a Management Consulting Company specializing in corporate culture change, and I still have a private consulting practice specializing in the integration of brain hard-wiring and personality. My hobbies include travel, photography, and writing.

Personal Transformation


Philosophically and Psychologically, "Become Who You Are," as advocated by Nietzsche, had been a life theme. Learning how to practice authenticity, learning how to reclaim the inherent wisdom and power of instincts, learning how to peel off the social mask that marks us as card carrying members of the greater herd, learning how become who we are - learning such as this gives meaning and direction to a fulfilling, satisfying life experience.

Interests and Goals


Visiting 32 countries  and counting, travel has been a major educating factor for me. 

I enjoy photographing people and nature, and find I see more when looking through the lens of my camera.

Present goals focus on publishing. Works in progress include a translation of the Tao Te Ching, a play about Hypatia, a book of poetic insights in the Sufi tradition, and an elaboration of my construct of Third Order Intelligence.

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